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The central principle of my work is the experimental measurement of chemical properties, especially instrument-based measurements and physical chemical properties. Special emphasis is placed on the use of Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) instrumentation and methods.


  • In search of undergraduate students interested in laboratory research projects for credit (CHEM 498). If you have an interest in some very interesting areas of physical and analytic chemistry plus are wanting to test the research waters in a very undergraduate-friendly environment then contact Professor DiVerdi.

  • Scientific Data Visualization & Analysis - an informal workshop series focusing on the use of Igor Pro

    Modern scientific practice involves the creation, manipulation and communication of a great deal of information. Individual success in chemistry requires considerable skill and agility in the realm of the analysis and presentation of numerical data.

    In the spring semester I will be holding an informal workshop series on "Scientific Data Visualization & Analysis" focusing on the use of Igor Pro.

    The series will be held during the day at times and dates shown below. There will be three two-hour sessions in each of two workshops in room Y503.

    There is no charge for attendance at these workshops.

    There will be computers available for use in the series. Attendees are welcome and encouraged to bring their own laptops loaded with their own copy of Igor Pro or a full-featured, thirty day free-of-charge, demo version available from the Wavemetrics web site.

    The schedule for the first two modules of the series is:

    Basics of, Navigating Around and Best Practices of Igor Pro

      Successful workshop attendees will understand the wave model of data (as contrasted to the spreadsheet model of data), best practices for creating wave names, individual data point entry, curve modeling with built-in functions, user-defined fitting functions, high-quality data graph creation and modification, export file methods and formats.

    Advanced Topics with Igor Pro

      Successful workshop attendees will understand the multidimensional wave model of data, data (spectrum) import from instruments, three-dimensional object display methods, curve modeling with multi-dimensional functions, wave algebra, programming in Igor Pro user-defined functions.

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